The Next Level Shelter Expansion Project

Project Description

It’s called the Next Level project because we believe the renovations to our new space will take our shelter guests' outcomes to the Next level.  The renovations to the ground level of our shelter include a new Warming Center with showers, a new kitchen, and a new expanded Dining Room.

Kitchen and Dining Hall

Today: The current Kitchen and Dining Hall is a cramped kitchen with space for maybe 3-4 volunteers. The dining area is dimly-lit and doubles as a hallway, lobby, and elevator waiting area.

Next Level Improvements: The new kitchen will be 2½ times larger, allowing for nutrition and job training opportunities. It also lets us bring in larger volunteer groups, which will expose more people to our work and generate more donations, too.  The new dining hall will be a more spacious, attractive light-filled area that will have a therapeutic effect on our guests.

The Warming Center

Today: It’s a new program that keeps the street homeless safe and supported in the winter. We currently have a temporary space with one toilet and one sink for 18 people. A challenging situation to say the least.

Next Level Improvements: The renovated Warming Center will provide vital amenities that we believe will encourage more street homeless to enter one of our long-term programs and/or our new drug and alcohol counseling program. The renovations will provide multiple toilets, showers, a washer/dryer for clothes, and lockers so they are at ease that their few possessions are safe.

About Homeless Solutions

“A Hand Up, not a Handout.” This is our philosophy. As a private, nonprofit organization, Homeless Solutions has been helping the homeless and working poor in our community since 1983. We are unique in what we do. It’s not just about providing a warm meal and a place to sleep. Our goal is to give those whom we serve the tools and surroundings they need to rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient. What sets our nonprofit apart from others is our Continuum of Housing through our Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing Program (THP), Warming Center, Mt. Kemble Home, and Affordable Housing.

Project Materials

We appreciate your vote for our Next Level Project and giving homeless people a second chance at life in a setting that allows us to help more people, better than ever.