Motivation Drives Success

Kim Story Kims And Mary Jo

There are many times when the stressors of life have the ability to disable a person’s mind, body and spirit. A recent guest, KD, became homeless after separating with his long-term partner and struggled with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and PTSD. While he was staying in our Overnight Center, KD learned about the benefits of our shelter programs and soon entered into the Single Men’s Program.

KD’s time at the shelter was challenging as he navigated through maintaining his sobriety and keeping his anxiety and chronic pain symptoms in check. He initially struggled to meet with case management and had strong opinions about some of the rules and policies of the program, but he was eventually able to adapt to the shelter environment. With the help of our dedicated staff he took the tools that were offered to him. As Single Men’s Division Manager Osman Davies reflects, “Communication was a major contributing factor to KD’s success. Although he preferred working on his goals independently, he did rely on our team when necessary.” This headstrong mindset also benefitted KD as goals were placed in front of him. He was committed to reaching those goals as a means to live independently again.

Another piece of KD’s success while living in the shelter was the ability to be reunited with his Service Dog, Bella. Bella joined KD after the initial move-in adjustment period and her presence kept KD’s anxiety at bay. “I felt a lot more comfortable when HSI made accommodations for my Bella to stay with me,” said KD. As this was a first for the shelter, staff were able to make reasonable adjustments for what Bella needed. While KD worked towards reaching his goals of maintaining his mental health treatment and securing affordable housing, being allowed to have Bella with him was a motivating factor to keep KD compliant within the program.

After KD was approved for a housing voucher, our Housing Division and Men’s Division case management teams worked tirelessly to secure a market rate residence for him, and in June, KD graduated from the program and into his own apartment! KD’s story demonstrates just how challenging many of our cases can be, especially with an increase in mental health diagnoses, but with a strong team, connections to a network of care, and the help of supporters like YOU, we’re able to keep providing that Hand Up.