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Our philosophy is “a Hand Up, not a Handout.” We are unique in what we do. It’s not just about providing a warm meal and a place to sleep. Our goal is to provide people with the tools and surroundings they need to rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient. What sets our nonprofit apart from others is our Continuum of Housing through our Main Shelter, Transitional Housing Program (THP), Mt. Kemble Home, and Affordable Housing.


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Mother of Two Rebuilds Life
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Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness

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Featured Stories

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"My addiction caused me to lose everything. My job, my car, my home, my support system. I made the decision that I had to get well, or I was going to die.."


"I was on track to play D1 basketball, and things changed. I’m so thankful to the staff for the dedication and undying determination to help me jump start my life again and allow me to be humble."

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“I once lived a life where I didn’t need to count pennies. If we wanted to see a movie, we went. If we wanted to go to dinner, we went. I’m not there yet, but I’m back on my feet living in a home we can afford. I don’t know where we would be without Homeless Solutions.”

Tyrone New

"I remember feeling relieved not to have to worry about things like, where will I get my next meal, I need shoes what am I going to do, or its cold out where am I going to sleep."

Roberta's Story

"For two years, I slept in my car, that's two winters. I remember buying a shower curtain to use as a privacy screen while I slept and made sure I didn't drink any water after 5 pm because there was no bathroom to use."

Helen's Story

"I never dreamed in a million years I would be in this position. Never. Never. I was always very independent and took care of my family."

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“I never imagined this outcome when I arrived at the Shelter. The HSI staff not only helped me end my cycle of homelessness, but they reconnected me with my family. My life is forever changed because of Homeless Solutions.”