Housing Successes to be Thankful For

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What an exciting time it’s been here at HSI! Our Housing Division, along with all of Programs & Services, have worked diligently to house and secure SEVEN successful lease signings between October 1st and November 1st!  This includes 18 individuals, 11 of which are children. That’s seven households who will have a permanent place to call home for the holidays.

One of these lucky individuals is Janelle, who had entered our Transitional Housing Program in January 2023 after waiting a year to get accepted. She had learned about the resources THP offered and knew it was the boost she needed to help her out of a hopeless situation.  At first the program rules seemed daunting to her, but she tuned out the “noise,” put her head down and saw it as a good opportunity to gain more structure in her life.

Janelle gets emotional when thinking about her time at THP. She and her kids felt safe and supported by the caring staff who was there to assist her at every turn. Janelle is so thankful for the opportunity to go through the program because most importantly, she gained her independence back from what was once an extremely difficult and frightening way of life.

A year before she entered THP, Janelle’s abusive marriage abruptly came to an end and she found herself desperate to support herself and her three daughters. After being dependent on a man who left her with nothing, she knew she had to fight for a better life for her children. They lived in a motel for a bit while Janelle continued to hold a job to make ends meet, and she focused on taking care of her girls and healing from the emotional scars she still had. When she got accepted into THP, she was ready to keep putting her energy to positive use.

“Being here reminded my family that great people and places do exist, but you have to allow yourself to accept the help. Your journey is all about what you make of it. Sometimes things seem too far out of your reach but with the right support system as well as faith, anything is possible.”

Janelle’s success story and the stories of so many of the 38 households that have been permanently housed this year are thanks to the combined effort of our donors, volunteers and staff. Without supporters like you, our staff would not be able to provide the vital resources that Janelle knew she needed to get back on her feet.

HSI is truly grateful for your support. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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