Frank's Story

Standing on the front steps at the shelter this month felt very different for Frank than it did six years ago. The first time he had nothing but a small suitcase and wounded pride. He quickly put those feelings aside, knowing the shelter was his only option.

“My addiction caused me to lose everything. My job, my car, my home, my support system. I made the decision that I had to get well, or I was going to die.”

Frank grew up in a loving home and was proud when he graduated college. He went on to get a job and was living on his own, but his casual drug and alcohol use quickly became a dangerous addiction. After hitting rock bottom, he went to rehab. With nowhere to turn after his time there, Frank came to Homeless Solutions. He was sober for 30 days and determined to get his life back.

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“I was coming from nothing; literally, I didn’t even have any ID. The staff was amazing. You had to do the work, but they got me on the right path and helped me stay on it. It’s what saved me.”

Now he is an Operations Manager with Federal Express and organized a huge toy drive for our families. He actually got his start as a packer after seeing a flyer on the employment board at the shelter!  All he had at the time was a bike that he rode over an hour each way up that massive hill on West Hanover Avenue for his 3:00 am shift. Donating toys to the shelter was an easy choice for him. He remembers watching the kids play outside and remains friends with some people from the Program that are all doing well today.

Frank shared his gratitude, “They invest in people regardless of where they come from or their background, and sometimes people need more than a second chance like me. I am living my best life and about to get married. I can’t thank Homeless Solutions enough for helping me.”

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