A new supporter wearing many hats

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She is our “birthday fairy” and so much more! Amy Johanson became a supporter in 2020 and in just a year, has become not only a generous supporter but also an essential volunteer. We have her daughter to thank for introducing her to HSI when Madeline became a member of our Buddies Mentoring Program.

When a donor offered to provide funding for birthday gifts for the children in our programs, we needed to find a volunteer to become our Birthday Fairy. Shopping for these birthday gifts and delivering them along with a sweet treat has brought Amy so much joy. She also enjoys serving dinner and lunch at the shelter. It’s been a meaningful experience, “While serving lunch, I saw a Shelter Guest I had not seen for some time. I asked what he had been up to, and he told me with a big smile and a sparkle in his eyes that he got a great job he loved and would be moving into an apartment. Making a connection with the Shelter Guests and hearing their personal stories makes the mission of HSI so much more impactful to me.”

The more Amy got involved, the more she wanted to help. She offered up her Human Resources expertise helping with our recruitment efforts and tracking and even assisted with employment engagement opportunities. She essentially took on the role like it was her job!

We can also count on Amy’s support through our events. She attended Women’s Day, and her family created the Sleep for Shelter team that raised over $2,000 for our A Night in the Cold event, where you sleep outside for one night to raise awareness and funds for the homeless in our community. Register for A Night in the Cold
Amy is now working full-time, but she still makes time for HSI. Her volunteer service and advocacy are truly invaluable. We can’t thank her enough for all she does!

Want to volunteer? Contact Tamala Reynolds